Watch this fantastic Party People scene from ten years ago!

This clip must be at least fifteen years old. Can you name these girls? These were charming times when the variety of 'babe' products on UK TV was overwhelming, we were absolutely spoiled for choice. If you fancied you could watch Livexxx for an hour and bang one out to Dani O Neil squirting or Karina Currie using the Drildo on Tammy Oldham, then when you've had your fill of that you would switch over for the babeshow equivalent of Panorama that was Party People, then hold tight, you were feeling a twitch in the ol' ball sack and you would think ok enough with the nice chat lets see what that dirty sort Dionne Mendez is doing over on Babestation .... it really was a fantastic era for babeshows ... so check this quiet unassuming clip and take a deep breath and remember a time when everything was alright in the world.

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