Babeshow Addiction: Is It A Real Thing?

Is it possible to be addicted to the babechannels? Should we be worried?


Also noted as part of this press coverage was the interesting message that our man had actually believed that various Tv babes had had a special and genuine interest in him. Which brings us onto the point here. If fans are addicted to anything specifically, it is attention. If you love attention, you will go get it. Sometimes you nay even go to quite ridiculous lengths to get it. That is ostensibly a problem that exists, regardless of the babe channels.

For example, some guys spend stacks of time messaging babes, models, even other TV personalities on Twitter. But that has nothing to do with Twitter. Twitter just accidentally gives these guys the means to do what they are driven to do. If the babes/models/celebrities weren’t on Twitter, but on another platform instead, where would the fans be? Right. Not on Twitter. On Insta, Facebook, wherever the celebs have gone in order to maintain their high-profile public images. Because the fans’ obsession is not with Twitter, it’s with the celebrities.

The same applies when we come to the babeshows. You can’t get obsessed with a babeshow. A babeshow is just a programme on some kind of channel. Most don’t care what the channel is, even what the name of it is, the brand, the history, the work that goes into it, or indeed anything else. They don’t give a cat’s snuffbox either about wording like “This is an advertisement” “Calls cost £x per minute, ” or “ this is a fantasy service.”


Can this supposed “babeshow addiction” really be considered as a real addiction in the first place? An addiction is often completely beyond your control. It’s hard, it even can feel impossible, to stop. You have to do whatever you are addicted to, even though you know it could do you great harm, perhaps even kill you.

But that isn’t babeshow addiction is it? The guys can stop and in fact, DO stop abruptly when they realise they forgot to read the terms and conditions, and that the girls they are trying to impress are simply doing a job, providing a commercial service which ends as soon as the customer hangs up and stops paying. At this point, everything is instantly over.

If we were talking real addiction, that would not be the case. An alcoholic can lose his job, his friends, be cast out by his family, be seriously ill from his addiction and yet will still continue drinking. However bad life gets, the addiction and the craving for alcohol is still stronger. But enjoying doing something on a regular basis, or spending a lot of money, does not constitute an addiction. And, if the person concerned has the ability to stop at the first sign that what they are doing is not leading to their ultimate aim, there is no way that the word addict can apply.

Calling it an obsession is possible. But not addiction. Unfortunately, many a top celebrity has been plagued with obsessive fans. But nobody uses the word “addicted” in that sense either.

So, Babeshow addiction- a real thing? No, it’s not.

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