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Babestation24 Future In Doubt?

Babestation24, Babestation's German operation has been causing waves on fan forums and a dedicated fan site has been set up.

On the 1st of July it was reported that:

Babe Shortage Under Summer Break Guise

For the first time ever, Babestation24 is taking a summer break ! Shows are only available from Thursday to Sunday for an indefinite period. The reason is obviously the lack of available babes.

Many babes seem to have turned their backs on the network, such as Valerie Vuitton. The newest babe, Larita , has been announced multiple times but has never reappeared. Carlene Angel and Stella Choice are currently the only babes who are regulars on the shows.

We can only speculate about the reasons: Vacation time? Too few calls? (which would be no surprise given the mostly bad shows.) Are the babes underpaid? Unfortunately we don't know.

There are three top babes to be seen this weekend with Edita Rosé, Joy Viper and Leetizia, but the quality of the babeshows will again depend on the mood of the directors . In addition, Leetizia broadcasts from home, ie the shows are mostly broadcast again in the annoying split-screen format, where only half of the screen is used and you only see the babes in mini format. Well, Babestation24 just doesn't have their technology under control.

This was followed up on the 28th of July that:

Appointment Chaos at Babestation24

Due to the "summer break" and the lack of available babes, the show schedule is changing almost daily at the moment.

Then on the 11th of August it was said:

Bleak prospects

Unfortunately, the schedule for the next few days does not bode well. Babestation24 currently has a selection of five babes, three of which are more or less show extras.

Finally on the 25th of August the future of Babestation24 was in doubt:

Is Babestation24 coming to an end?

Although the summer is coming to an end, there is no end in sight for the summer break at Babestation24. Worse still, all three of Stella Choice's weekend shows have been canceled and the schedule is the same...

These worries were also mirrored on the popular UK babeshow forum

Where master poster Mr lampe wrote

Babestation24 - Chat & Discussion

So, the show went completely downhill...

They just have a few girls left...and just two of them do full nudity. Stella has her moments, but is largely hit or miss and Charlene seems to have some kind of free pass to do what she wants...

My last hope LeeTizia seems to have been tamed by somethring which happened after her last super hot home show. My guess is that somebody berated her and she is afraid to go full nude since then.

Haven't watched a show in a month and judging by the recordings... or the lack of them... I haven't missed much.

Funny how they still label their struggle to fill the schedule as a "summer break" Big Grin

We often wrote here that the channel is dying, but this is definitely the lowest point of it since the beginning.

We often wrote here that the channel is dying, but this is definitely the lowest point of it since the beginning.

Moorman followed up and commented on the reasons he feels the show is in danger:

Moorman Offline Senior Poster

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RE: Babestation24 - Chat & Discussion

to predict the future of bs24 it is necessary to understand the reasons for this situation. if the problem is the roster of girls, they may be able to continue by hiring 5-6 new girls. unfortunately I am afraid that the problem is the management costs which with the energy prices are unsustainable. in this case I guess they can decide to do home shows like visit-x and add some single nights with girls in the studio. the summer break is clearly an excuse, I'm curious to see how the situation evolves. p.s i noticed that they changed joy viper's photo. this means that her presence is expected in the next weeks and that they do not close.

Whilst on the 27th of August Prince Charme pointed out that:

princeCharme Offline Babe Scout **

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RE: Babestation24 - Chat & Discussion

from Friday 26th August to september 2nd there only 2 Days in 8 Days span with shows. and most imporant at the weekend, no Show. That makes me very sad. they End is near i would say. I Agree, the so called Sommerpause is way to long. When did they start with that? people will forgot babestation when they are not airing. Many good girls were leaving the show, so Sad.

But Ted Brah pointed out the schedule picks up again on the 3rd of September:

TedBrah Offline Master Poster

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RE: Babestation24 - Chat & Discussion

It seems like the show will be back to action on September 3rd: Edita Rose, Joy Viper, Tracy Haze.

We wait to see how the situation develops.

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