Former Pornstar Busted Trying To Smuggle 95kg of Cocaine Into Australia

Two girls, one a former pornstar and the other a former escort, will speak out about their crazy life after the pair, dubbed the "cocaine babes," were caught trying to smuggle a whopping 95kg of cocaine into Australia.

The women were arrested in Sydney Harbour with 2 huge suitcases of cocaine. The pair were travelling around the world on a luxury cruise across South America and Tahiti. Canadian born Melina Roberge and her friend Isabelle Lagace, were caught with $21 million worth of cocaine in their suitcases. The former escort and XXX movie actress would travel the globe on luxury yachts and private planes, snapping bikini pics and selfies which they would upload to social media. Presumably as a front so they could fly under the radar as ‘Instagram influencers’.

28-year old attractive brunette, Lagace, was arrested when Australian Border Force agents raided the $20,000 first-class cabin she shared with her friend Roberge on the MS Sea Princess. The girls had booked out the luxury cabin for 39 nights. When the cabin was raided, agents discovered seven other drug cartel members aboard the vessel, which was described as a 'floating drug warehouse'. Roberge, was only 22 years old at the time she was arrested.

Officials were made aware of the drugs after they received an anonymous tip off. Upon further investigation, agents discovered that the drugs were collected at Callao, Lima where four cartel members made numerous trips ashore - the AFP (Australian Border Force) boarded the Sea Princess when it docked in Sydney, at around 6am on August 28th, 2016. Agents immediately went straight to Cabin P312, a balcony room on an upper deck where they found both women relaxing with drinks along with 29kg of cocaine in on of the suitcases, which was found be 90% pure.

Agents also raided cabin C537, an interior cabin on the lower deck occupied by a 63-year-old French Canadian man named Andre Tamine. He was found with 70kg of coke, which was packaged in plastic bags and tied up with masking tape like the drugs found in the girls suitcase.

Following her arrest, it came to light that Lagace had been a stripper and lap dancer at a Montreal gentleman’s club before moving into the adult film industry. Upon probing, Legace revealed that Andre Tamine had paid for her trips and had given her money in return for working for him - either as an escort for rich men or by transporting cocaine through Australian customs. It came to light that Tamine had promised the girls up to $100,000 if they managed to succeed in getting the coke into Australia undetected.

Obviously they didn’t succeed, they were arrested, charged and deported back to Canada. However, Lagace is currently in talks with Montreal production company Urbania Media about filming a documentary. She says she plans to tell 'her personal story to dissuade others from getting involved in drug trafficking'. That could be a decent watch.

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