How to prevent Sexstortion

No doubt you’ve heard about those criminal gangs who target horny men by posing as sexy women. You know the story, it usually takes place in a dodgy chat room where the woman/con artist will get the guy to do something that the con artist sees as incriminating. They then use the recorded footage to blackmail the unsuspecting victim into handing over money. I’m not going to lie, I always assumed it was a rarity because I’d never known anyone that it had happened to but then I came to find out it actually happened to my neighbour! So I guess it happens more often than we think.

These types of cases are known as ‘sextortion’, and it’s described as a “growing threat” by the National Crime Agency. The criminals use a number of avenues in order to make friends with the victim - mainly dating apps and dodgy cam platforms. The criminals trick their unsuspecting victims into believing that they are chatting to a hot woman, who is usually a complete fake. Even if it is a real woman, she’s usually in on the scam. The horny guy is then coerced into stripping naked and wanking himself off. This is all recorded by the gang who threaten the victim by saying they will release the footage to the victims friends and family. I mean imagine that, you’ve just had the best time with a hot woman on cam and she hits you with a blackmail threat.

Figures from a Freedom of Information request, show that 3,984 cases of sextortion were reported to police across Britain in 2020/21, all involving webcams or social media.

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