Introducing India Asia

India Asia has appeared on numerous UK babe channels over the years from Masti chat to Red Light Central to Studio 66 and now appearing on Babestation live babeshows, pervcam and occasionally on BSX.

Here's India's first introduction video shot for us when she had been working for about 6 months Babestation.

When she's not at Babestation, India is a home bod, she loves binge watching TV shows or watching movies on Netflix.

Here's something i bet you never knew about India, is she used to play for Millwall's youth team back in the day when she was much younger. Then as she describes it, her boobs came in and she couldn't run as much anymore. If you want to see more of India Asia's big tits, register free on babecall and you can join her next XXX cam show.

Wanna take India Asia out for a meal? Go for Turkish or Caribbean, she loves the flavours and spices! Almost as hot as her vibratoy pussy fucking webcam shows!

India Asia loves to talk to her phone sex callers and get to know them. It's one of her favourite things about working at Babestation. If you wanted to call her phone, make sure you be yourself. Nothing impresses India Asia more than guys who are true to themselves....she also has a thing for bad boys.

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