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New Lufthansa Cabin Features Double Bed For Honeymooners

Allegris is a new long-haul cabin from Lufthansa, that has been getting couples and potential ‘mile-high’ clubbers damp in the pants. The luxury cabin includes a first class room with a "honeymoon" double bed and a huge 43-inch TV. According to Lufthansa, this suite, dubbed First Class Suite Plus, is "the perfect way for a couple to start their honeymoon" because it has ceiling-high walls, a door you can close and two 3.2ft side-by-side seats that can convert easily into a double bed.

The suite can be reserved by friends and colleagues for business meetings or just a private chitchat. Each seat has a separate mechanism that allows it to be either upright or horizontal. However, because there’s no privacy divider and only one dining table, the suite is probably more suited to couples or a horny solo who is hoping to score during the flight. The Suite Plus seat was created by London-based designers PriestmanGoode who wanted to give passengers a luxury and private inflight experience.

According to travel expert Rhys Jones from headforpoints, the private suite sets first-class passengers apart from any other carrier. First-class passengers will also have personal wardrobes and the ability to heat or cool their seats at the flick of a switch. Sounds like the Babestation babes. Except instead of heated seats you’re controlling - it’s the Lovense vibratoy where you get to give a cam girl an orgasm at the flick of a button, and instead of a private suite - it’s a private cam show. You catch my drift.

With first-class cabins seeing a massive decline in sales in recent years, Gilbert Ott of the travel website godsavethepoints, told the Daily Mail that he is ecstatic to see an “airline experimenting with double beds and bespoke touches again." Jens Ritter, CEO of Lufthansa Airlines, said the First Class Suite Plus gives passengers the same feeling they get from a hotel room. The company will also be offering business-class options such as extra long seating, wireless charging, personal minibar, Bluetooth and noise-cancelling headphones.

In the bottom tier in the cattle seats, I mean economy, the company will be offering tablet holders and USB ports. The first Allegris is set to appear on the 787 Dreamliner at the end of 2023, with the A350-900 being first to introduce the new first class in 2024. There’s no indication of what the cost will be for such a suite but if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford. I’ll just stick to Ryanair and my tube of Pringles.

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