Tiffany Chamber's Babestation Birthday Special: 2010

This article has been repurposed from @babe TV's Tumblr account, originally published in April 2014.

Instead of focusing on a topic or era in this blog, @babetv chose one particular Babestation show that, in his opinion, is the ideal representation of the time. The night in question is Saturday December 4th to Sunday December 5th 2010, when the UK was in the midst of a severe frost that eventually shut down several water sources and resulted in a water crisis in several areas. However, Babestation ramped up the heat as the country froze, resulting in the creation of this iconic weekender in the lead-up to Christmas.

By this time, the atmosphere had significantly changed from how it had appeared and felt the spring before. Faster and more "alive," yet with many interviews and other sales features interspersed throughout the stop-start motion. An image that sticks in the blogger's mind.

“If there was one thing that defined the buzz of Babestation in the initial months of the Teleshopping era, it was actually two things. Well, two twins. At the time still relative newcomers, but already well-established names, Priya Young and Preeti Young would appear side by side, one phone each, almost exactly mirroring each other on screen. The image of the twins sums up the visual impact this would create. No rival babeshow could top this as an opening vision.”

The blogger is correct, the impact the twins had on the eye is undeniable. The vision of curvy twins could not be topped by Studio 66, Red Light Central, Xpanded or any competitor babeshow on rampant tv. Babestation between December 4th and 5th 2010, was also noteworthy because Tiffany Chambers' birthday party was shown on-screen. Most Freeview viewers who were around in the noughties will instantly think of Rachel Cole and Kelly Carter's text-based Twister game on Party Girls in early March 2009 when you bring up the topic of the babeshows, mainly because it lasted a while and was played on the microphone. Out of all the shows during that time, that is the one that people tend to remember.

However, the Twister game also made several more appearances on Freeview babeshows, including one on the previous Sexstation-run Partyland in early May 2009, one on Babestation in mid-July 2011 with Camilla Jayne and Ava Blue, and the one celebrating Tiffany's birthday on Babestation 1 in December 2010. The girls involved were Lolly Badcock, Leigh Smith, and Tiffany, whose white underwear set was quickly undone to make room for Lolly to massage Tiffany's boobs with the help of some cream.

Priya Young and Daryl Morgan also collaborated on a rather memorable girl-girl eavesdrop line for Glamourchase. Georgie Darby, who had been a top candidate for Glamourchase from the start, was also highlighted on this night throughout the babe channels. On one Saturday night, there were a tonne of A-listers present. How popular would this lineup be on Babestation right now? Early December 2010 was the pinnacle of the Babestation Xtreme era, and on this particular night, Tina Love and Angel Long were the two main draws of the Xtreme live broadcasts.

Many of the top trending babes during that time were displayed on Babestation 1’s Freeview promos, voiced over by Geri, additionally including Lolly Badcock, who is as animated as always. At this time, Megan Moore was nearing the end of her transformation from a dedicated presenter to a phonesex girl. She was one of a few Babestation girls that shared a night-to-night presenting cycle in December 2010, although on the fourth and fifth of the month, Megan handled the phones while Geri presented. In an old clip, Megan is presenting on Babestation Xtra and appears to be initiating the fitness roleplay that would later become famous thanks to the film Sexercise.

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