UK Glamour Awards - Babe Channel Nominee - Roxyie

UK Glamour Awards Babe Channel Nominee - Roxyie

Here at we want to take a look at the nominees for this year's UK Babe Channels Award. We're here to look at these nominees for this year's prestigious award. Previous award winners include Alice Goodwin.

Roxyie's Xpanded profile says:

24year old babe channel model for Xpanded tv, best achievements is having the confidence to move from dayshows to night also regular night shows as well.

Roxyies first night show was on the 14th of August this year, day show fans were keen to see those giant boobs unleashed.

Her crucial measurements are: 34 F cup tits and I'm a curvy size 10 down...

Rammy Rascal commented:

Roxyie magnificent big natural breasts have escaped and.........

Another forum poster said it all


Yet another babe on the channels who has absolutely everything. Fantastic big natural bouncy boobs, godly thicc thighs and a fantastic round peach of an arse. Cute and gorgeous face and ofcourse a nice little cheeky wink and smile too. Incredible!

Amazing viewing for only her first show, looked like an experienced pro especially when she starting jiggling that incredible big booty across the screen. May have a rival to Bella Baby!

"I agree with the above comments. After watching her teasing her tits in low cut tops on the day shows I was gasping for her to let them out. Her tits were well worth the wait and she has a great arse too!! She is a fantastic addition to Expanded's night show roster"

Very impressive nights debut from Roxyie. During the time I watched Roxyie wore 3 different outfits/lingerie sets, regularly unleashed her magnificent big natural breasts & let them bounce around as well as plenty of her bent over jiggling & shaking her equally magnificent arse.

She's lovely. As everyone else has said, great show last night - wonderful to see them puppies brought out into the open! Her cheekiness and girl-next-door naughtiness is infectious.

A wonderful Wednesday night from Roxyie last night including a sexy bunny girl show Plus her magnificent big natural breasts bouncing around & bent over jiggling her magnificent arse with aplomb.

Xpanded have a potential breakout star on their hands with Roxyie are sure that Roxyie has a big future in the babe channel industry. She is one of the up and coming babeshow babes.

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The UK glamour awards vote to honour today's glamour women there are several categories to honour the cream of the UK glamour industry, which are chosen by its fans.

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The awards night will be held on the Tuesday the 8th November at Proud, Embankment in central London.

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