UK Glamour Awards: Babe Channel Nominee - Tara May

The candidates for this year's UK Babe Channels Award are the focus of this feature. We're here to evaluate this year's finalists for the distinguished prize. Alice Goodwin was previously named an award winner in the babeshow category.

Another entrant from Babestation is Tara May, over the previous several years, this smoking hot sex siren has appeared on the Babeshows (Studio 66, Babestation, Playboy, Xpanded) on a regular basis and was dubbed "Cam Girl of the Month" four times. She has been compared to Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner because of her voluptuous and curvy figure with large breasts and a huge round ass.

On Tara May's Babestationcams profile she writes

Hey I'm Tara May. I'm a petite, busty, dark haired woman who is very sexually active, outgoing, loves pole dancing, modelling, being wined and dined, and of course you men! ;) If you've seen me on Babestation, you will have seen the filth I get up, Well times that by 3 when I'm on Cam! I push all of the boundaries when I'm streaming for you filthy lot. Cum and find out x

Tara May was the Babestation Babe of the Month for June 21 she was asked

Babestation: What’s your most embarrassing memory? Tara May: Oh God, there’s so many! Probably when i went ice skating and i stacked it and my skirt shot up and my whole ass was on show.

Babestation: And finally, could you give us a message for all your fans out there? Tara May: Big thank you for all your support and to any new-comers, call me cos i don’t bite.

You can vote for Tara here


The UK glamour awards vote to honour today's glamour women there are several categories to honour the cream of the UK glamour industry, which are chosen by its fans.

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The awards night will be held on the Tuesday the 8th November at Proud, Embankment in central London.

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