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Women Have 3 Types of Orgasm

New research has revealed that women have three types of orgasm: wave, avalanche and volcano. The study, conducted by scientists at Charles University in Prague in conjunction with sex toy brand Lioness, found that each type of orgasm is associated with different intensities of pleasure.

So, not only can women have longer-lasting orgasms than men, but they can even enjoy different kinds! Pretty wild, right?

The research was undertaken by having each woman masturbate while using the company's smart vibrator, which tracks pelvic floor contractions. (I don't know about you, but this sounds like our kind of science experiment!) Head of the research team and neuroscience professor Jame Pfaus hopes this innovative toy can become 'like a Fitbit' and help women understand more about their most intimate areas.

A strong pelvic floor goes hand in hand with the intensity of a female orgasm. So, this really means that the more effort put into strengthening pelvic floor muscles, the greater the reward. Plus, it's not just the lady who reaps these benefits; their partner will get some advantages too.


Wave orgasms are described as gentle and rolling, like a wave crashing on the shore. They were noted to feature a rhythmic back and forth between tension and release. Out of the 54 lucky ladies who participated in the study, 26 experienced the wave, making it the most common orgasm.

The wave requires a lower level of pelvic floor strength when compared with the other two types, which contributes to it being the most common orgasm in not just the study, but in general too.


The second most popular type of release is the avalanche. You could characterise this type by a sudden and intense rush which then cascades downwards, much like an actual avalanche.

Researchers found that of the 17 women who experienced an avalanche orgasm, they had deeper releases thanks to the basal contractions of the higher pelvic floor, which then tapered off once climax had been reached.


Last but not least is the volcano. With a volcano, the release gradually builds up until it reaches a peak and then overflows in a burst of pleasure. This type of release is pretty fiery and explosive, just like a real volcano!

As for the 11 women who experienced a volcano release, they'll know how very satisfying and intense this release can be. But if you can ride it out, it can be an incredibly empowering experience. After all, what's more powerful than a volcano? So, there you have it.

These are the three types of female orgasms, according to science. Now, next time you're getting down and dirty, you can try to figure out which kind of release your partner is experiencing. And who knows, maybe you'll even discover a new type of release that isn't on this list!

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