Introducing Layla Rose

Layla Rose can be seen across the Babestation platform, from the daytime show to the night show and even on the pay-per view babe channel, BSX where she performs solo pussy play shows as well as the occasional girl on girl action with fellow British pornstars such as Stella Paris and Roxee Couture.

In this blog we look back on the time when Layla Rose was still fresh to Babestation and we sat down with her to interview her for another episode of the introducing videos:

Layla Rose is one of the few PAWGs that Babestation has in it's schedule. If you don't know what i a PAWG is it's, a Phat Ass White Girl, and looking at this video you can see why!

Layla also makes great use of this big juicy asset of hers in free videos such as this Big Tits and Twerking On The Babeshows With Layla Rose which was shot live during a recent live babeshow appearance in which Layla was performing her filthy phone sex on the nightshow.

When Layla's not at Babestation she likes to stay in and enjoy, 'Shit TV' like Eastenders and Love Island and her favourite foods include Pan-Asian. So anything ranging from Chinese to Thai food.

You can tell this introducing video was shot a few years ago now, Layla was only about two or three months old at Babestation and she sights James Franco as her celebrity crush....oh boy, i wonder if she's changed her mind since then. Why not register on babecall and catch Layla's next pervcam show to find out.

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