S66cams: The End Of An Era

Sad to say, but it's finally time for S66cams sky channel to call it quits. After a long and successful journey, the sky channel is shutting down. One of the many reasons behind this closure is the changing landscape of the internet and television industries. S66 Cams was a pioneering channel that helped popularize the adult entertainment industry on television. While the genre has evolved over the years, S66 Cams was always there to lead the way. Thanks for all the memories, S66 cams!

Why S66cams sky channel is shutting down?

With the closure of S66 sky channel and the subsequent Ofcom fine, following the closure of the 66 London studio, S66cams was only able to operate with the help of other studios around the UK. However, with Ofcom fining the platform for breaking broadcasting rules, the future of the service is uncertain. While it is sad to see the platform go, it is also important to remember that it was only a fun project for a while and that there are other ways to share your views and experiences.

What are the reasons behind the closure of S66cams Sky channel?

The last remaining 66 channel was removed from the Sky EPG on the 19th of September, the same day as the Queen's funeral. Things started to unravel when on the 24th of August it was reported in the Ofcom bulletin that 66 had received a £15k fine:

"Ofcom has imposed a sanction on 965 TV Limited after our investigation found that it had failed to comply with our advertising rules on its Studio 66 TV service. On five dates in March and April 2021, Studio 66 TV featured material which included sexually explicit language and behaviour. In our decision, published on 8th November 2021 in Issue 438 of Ofcom’s Broadcast and On Demand Bulletin (PDF, 323.3 KB), Ofcom found that the advertisements were capable of causing widespread offence and had the potential to harm or distress children. We therefore found that the material had breached rules, 23.3, 32.3 and 4.2 of the UK Code of Broadcast Advertising (BCAP Code)."

The following week it was reported on the babeshow forum by Rob169 that 66 were closing their studios and hence forth their models would be working from home.

The demise of 66 leaves a big hole in the babeshow section and many fans will be worried as to what the future holds.

In the mean time Babestation have benefited from quite a number of 66 babes moving over to Babestation.

The S66 Babes

So many Babechannel phonesex legends and British porn stars have graced the 66 screens Lucy Zara, Fernanda , Evelyn, Dionne Daniels, Cara Brett, Lola Knight, Kandi Kay, Rear of the Year 2016 winner Clare Richards the list goes on.

What is S66 Cams?

Studio 66 TV is interactive 'Adult chat' advertising broadcast on the service Studio 66, which is available as part of a standard satellite. First broadcast on the 1st of April 2009 until the 19th of September 2022 when the last remaining S66 channel was removed from Sky TV.

S66 Cams formerly Elite TV and then Studio66TV was a premier Sky TV live babeshow group. It was launched in 2009 and has since accumulated a large following of viewers. The platform has been around for over 10 years broadcasting on both Sky and Freeview but over the last few years the industry has faced difficulties.

What Are Interactive Chat Babeshows?

Adult chat television channels and programs also known as babe channels or babeshows are a format of phone-in live television programming that has developed in Europe since 2002, often having elements similar to webcam modelling and softcore pornography.


After more than a decade of broadcasting, S66 Cams is shutting down. This news comes as a surprise to many as the sky channel was one of the most popular and well-loved TV channels in India. However, behind the scenes there were several reasons why the sky channel was forced to close its doors. So, whether you were a fan of the babes or just found it convenient to watch Indian TV on your laptop, thank you for your time.

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