Stevie-Louise Ritchie

Stevie-Louise Ritchie made her first appearances on Babestation just when she was most needed. In the late summer and autumn of 2009, Babestation had suffered many disappointments, with many of the big names disappearing from the shows. That includes Morgan Preece, Tiffany Chambers, Tara Lee, Lynsey Atkinson, Jodie Cox, Charlie C, Angel Long, Lilly Roma, Annie Bullah, Amanda Rendall, Caty Cole Jemma Jey, Dionne Mendez, Geri, Rachel Cole, … and that is just the start of the list.

But we all know strange things happen. In some respects, it’s like some of the bigwaves had to part, so Babestation could welcome in some brand new, and also very exciting talent. And one of the biggest catches for the babe channels was this lovely Scottish babe with a soft, lilting voice and a sex appeal to match many a bond girl. Stevie-Louise Ritchie had arrived, giving Babestation fans new reasons to tune in, as well as to call.

Stevie was not entirely new to the babe channels. Coming from Bang Babes, Stevie’s Freeview debut was on the night of 16th to 17th September 2009, on Babestation 2. She was pretty nervous, and it took her some weeks to really get her personality across. But with her joyful and incredibly uplifting smile lighting up the screen, and her natural, cheeky charm, she soon hit big on the nation’s premier night shows – we mean really big.

Stevie also took part in Babestation Xtra’s very first ‘2 for 1’ sequence, which went out on air in early January 2010. At this time, Xtra was seeking to attract enough attention as a phone show to rival Babestation 1. The content was getting seriously hot, and to turn up the heat even further, Babestation couldn’t have picked a better duo than Stevie, featuring with an even newer BS nights glamour babe by the name of Georgie Darby.

Georgie was the perfect counterpart for Stevie. These were new style babes on tv. In fact, this was only Georgie’s fourth Freeview appearance, and only her third babe show where she had taken calls, but she got well stuck in from the word go! Girl/girl kissing was still very much a part of the Freeview menu and Georgie loved a good snog!

Stevie and Georgie instantly became the new Babestation ‘It’ girls. The fans went mad for them. The pair were getting the prime Freeview timeslots on a very regular basis. In spring 2010, Stevie was even keeping some very big Babestation names off screen. It was pretty obvious that her phonelines were absolutely buzzing. Babestation fans honestly couldn’t get enough of her. And the more she was on screen, the sexier she got.

But already, over the course of the summer, the atmosphere seemed to change. At the beginning of August 2010 rumours spread that Stevie had left Babestation. Babestation took the rather unusual step of publicly announcing that she was welcome to come back. And, after an absence from the shows of nearly three weeks, she did make a brief return, but then disappeared again until the end of November. On her return, Stevie stayed until May 2011 working regularly on the Babestation Freeview shows once again.

From Spring 2011, she took an extended break from the babe channels. She briefly appeared at xxXpanded, for a longer period at Bluebird, as well as appearing on Babestation’s pay per view channel from time to time, Regrettably, though, she hasn’t returned to making regular appearances on the highest-profile terrestrial babe shows.

This is a real shame, as if ever there was a star, Stevie-Louise Ritchie has always been one who could really shine. She was always one the most naturally likeable girls on all of the babeshows. Her combination of soft, yet sexy looks, a matching voice to thrill, her cheeky and mischievous nature and ass-kicking sexuality is a complete dream for fans of the babe channels. Stevie also had the combination of flirty yet sufficiently dirty to thrill the masses.

If someone from another Planet came down and asked you what a babe was, the easiest explanation you could give them would be “ Stevie-Louise Ritchie.” Check out her pictures and tell us if we’re wrong! Oh and if you fancy a bit of celebrity gossip, check out this old school story of the night Stevie Louise went home with Russel Brand

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