What is Vabbing?

It's hard to keep up sometimes with all the new trends and fads but thankfully you have us to fill you in. In this blog, we will be looking at vabbing and how to go about it safely. Vabbing, AKA Vaginal Dabbing was recently featured in a viral TikTok video that gained a large number of views and likes due to the promise of titillating effects. But is this "newest" trend really effective? What do medical professionals think about the technique? Let's explore vabbing in depth.

Vabbing’s past and present are intertwined

First and foremost, the use of vaginal fluids on other body parts isn't anything new, and the people on TikTok aren't the first to advertise it, despite what they might say. Here are a few people who were Vabbing long before it became trendy:

A viral video told the story of a guy who used his ball sweat as perfume to entice the ladies back in 2018 on the Secret Keeper's Club podcast.

Shan Boodram, a sexologist, revealed that she has been vabbing before a date for the past 15 years. Vabbing was recently resurrected by TikTockers like Mandy Lee and Jewliah which is when it started trending. Pheromones are the basis for everything. Some people claim that rubbing human juice on areas like the neck, armpit, or other spots can cause human chemical communication by stimulating chemical signals. Women claim they've worn the most hideous outfits and still attracted attention after dabbing themselves with pussy juice. Apparently they had guys falling head over heels in love with them.

Vabbing and Science

So here's where you might be a little let down. Vabbing on a scientific level (including significant pheromone research) isn't effective, according to doctors and other specialists. While other animals generate a love scent that attracts a consort, this is possible only because there is a sensory organ on the roof of their mouths. Humans, on the other hand, do not have it. We don't need one anymore. Second, doctors are asking the public to not wash vaginal fluid away. Vaginal fluid is acidic in order to help protect the vagina against infection, which is the primary reason. The fluid also has no odor when things are healthy down there.

Despite the fact that dabbing some female perfume behind the ears has no basis in science, vabbing advocate and relationship counsellor Tracey Cox emphasises that there is definitely a placebo effect. The "vabber" may become more confident and flirty by being adventurous and exerting sexual power. This, rather than the 'vabbing' alone, is most likely what accounts for their dating and sexual successes.

Can Vabbing be dangerous?

In summary, yes. There are a few things that must be meticulously followed when adopting this pussy perfume technique.

First and foremost, do not vab anyhow if you have an STI. Before inserting your finger into any sensitive area, make sure you've washed your hands thoroughly. Wipe down the machines thoroughly if you've vabbed while you're at the gym. Stop vabbing and talk to your doctor if there's any scent or discolouration.

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